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There are two core pieces of technology that make up Digital Contact’s big data analytics engine: the Collector Engine and the Processor Engine.

Both of these proprietary engines have been developed in-house by the team at Digital Contact. As a result we are constantly refining and evolving the technology behind our product.

Collector engine

The first step our technology takes is to reach out and find data. We built the Collector Engine to monitor and scan more than a million sources of digital content, including: social media, websites, news articles, blogs, etc.

Based on defined search parameters, the Collector Engine then captures any information it deems relevant and brings it back to our servers.

Processor Engine

The next step is filter and process the information gathered. The Processor Engine sorts the information from the Collector Engine, organising it into data types and content – throwing away any redundant information and storing all required data.

Once the data has been processed and organised, it is then ready to be pushed out to our products/APIs as and when needed, in real time.

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