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by Graham Cookson
in Big Data , Stocks
on 30 July 2015

Traders clean up as Tesco drops Ribena and its share prices

Three days ago it was revealed that Tesco is planning to ban sugary drinks aimed at children from its stores. In particular Ribena, Capri-Sun and Rubicon were three popular drinks cited by Tesco as part of their crackdown, amid fears of childhood obesity.

Since the announcement was made shares in Tesco saw a dramatic drop, losing 8p on a share within the first day after the sugary ban was announced, dropping to 213p from a high of more than 220p per share the day before.

At the time of writing, shares in Tesco are yet to recover; only seeing small fluctuations up at times, but still seeing dramatic dips - hitting a new low of nearly 211p per share two days after announcement as more reports and social media coverage momentum picked up.

But what if you could have been alerted to the news, before the share prices had dropped?

Our financial product,, could have helped savvy investors monitoring Tesco’s share prices. 

Monitoring more than 1.6 million sources, delivers financial news peppered with social buzz and deep analytics, in real time.

The Daily Mail was the first major news site to report the story just after midnight, with the Huffington Post later that morning and the Express following suit that afternoon.

By the time the Huffington Post reported the story, Tesco’s share price dipped to 217p and as the Express reported on the news, the shares dropped even lower to 213p.

Around the time the Express reported the story, our dashboard saw a surge in social mentions of Tesco, Ribena and the word ‘ban’. As the news spread, more and more people began to mock Tesco across social media channels.

This shift in social chatter was also reported on the dashboard, with above-average mentions of Ribena on the Tesco tag cloud between 8am and 12pm and corresponds with Tesco seeing two sudden stock price drops of 2p within an hour, one at 9:42am and at 10:28am.

While you would have to act quickly, any investor using the platform would have seen the Daily Mail and Huffington Post articles as they broke and could have made a decision on whether or not to sell their shares.

And should they have missed the early opportunity with the Daily Mail,'s tag cloud (see above image) showed movement around key words before the shifts in price - highlighting the growing storm of social chatter later that afternoon and the negative reaction by the public; giving traders another opportunity to make a decision - before the prices dropped even lower.

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