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by Graham Cookson
on 01 July 2015

UK Supermarket Sentiment Snapshot: Aldi becoming the talk of the town on social

A new social sentiment report from big data product company, shows that Aldi is putting on a David and Goliath fight against Tesco for the top spot in the UK's first Supermarket online ‘Talkability Tracker’. 

Aldi is fast becoming a big part of the social media landscape according to, which crunched millions of pieces of online data to develop a snapshot view of the most talked about supermarkets online.

The analysis, which ran for a 5 day period between June 24th and 28th, found that Tesco – by far the biggest food retailer in the UK based on market share – topped the conversation list of supermarket’s online presence. However of the tweets, 15% of those received were negative, which was 73% higher than average – akin to the incident caused by their placing of Bacon flavoured Pringles in the Ramadan offer, a forbidden food for Muslims.

Aldi, however, is getting value for money from their social presence, securing 17% of market share based on social conversations – despite only commanding 5.5% of market share by UK revenue. Aldi has been encouraging positive conversations about their brand by using #AldiChallenge, promoted using the hashtag to report any savings they have made by shopping there. If you take into account Aldi’s smaller market share, it is punching far above its weight, outperforming its giant rival by a factor of 2.3x. If you only look at positive mentions, the challenger is doing even better, beating Tesco hands down by a factor of 2.8x. 

As for other supermarket competitors, ASDA is also outshining a number of high street and traditional British retailers, featuring fourth on Digital Contact’s sentiment report, ahead of Waitrose and Marks & Spencer.

It is important to acknowledge that this data is a 5 day ‘snapshot’ of the most talked about supermarket brands on social media, only taking into account what their customers are saying about them, rather than the conversation they are building themselves. Despite only showcasing a 5 day period, the research reinforces the changeable and powerful impact that conversations had by customers online can have on a brand.

Digital Contact CEO Gareth Mann, said: “Social media is the voice of the consumer and companies need to be listening to what it says if they want to stay one step ahead. Understanding what has been said about your brand should be paramount to any organisation. This calibre and depth of analysis can help businesses establish a better relationship with customers, understand consumer needs, see the differing trends from around the world and help predict future trends in their industry. 

“As we can see, social media is making the fight for brand recognition a level playing field, and by understanding and capitalising on social media many brands can take on the Goliaths in their markets!”

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