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by Graham Cookson
in Big Data , Hadoop
on 17 June 2015

Always buy on the fundamentals, but keep one eye on the online whispers…

At Digital Contact, we have been developing a big data platform that can be utilised across multiple industries and one key area we have focused on first is the financial industry. When Digital Contact was first established, the company’s founders had a vision of creating a product that utilised the latest technologies and opened up the world of financial trading, making it accessible to everyone.

The financial website, (currently in its private beta testing phase) has been established to help give new and experienced traders an edge, with real-time prices and faster financial news. By gathering information from millions of sources, not just news articles, ensures a faster stream of financial news.

Gareth Mann, CEO of recently published an article on YourMoney Blog, detailing how using big data to monitor unorthodox sources, such social media, can benefit traders by finding out information on companies they have invested in, before major news sources publish stories about them.

Article originally published on | Written by: Gareth Mann, CEO of - used with permission.

Gareth Man CEO can’t always trust rumour and speculation when dealing with investments, but it’s certainly not something you should ignore altogether. A lot of useful insights, which can help your investment strategy, can be gleaned from understanding market sentiment - especially through online social channels.

The dawn of social media and other methods of online communication has changed the way companies’ shares and markets are affected. It might seem subtle, but with the general public able to share its voice with the (estimated) three billion Internet users around the globe, the world of investment has changed in recent years.

Where once stocks and shares were mostly affected by a company’s fiscal performance (i.e. how much money was in the bank), these days they are often affected by public opinion (sentiment).

News travels incredibly fast these days. If an earthquake happened in Japan 10-15 years ago, we would be first hearing about it in the evening news. Now when one occurs, we are hearing it, not within hours, but rather minutes - via social media, news sites, community forums and even blogs.

The same is true for investment opportunities. A breaking piece of news found on social media can lead to a major announcement from a company. But why wait for the company to break the story hours later, when the insight into that investment has already been mentioned?

On June 2, 2015, Alton Towers saw one of the worst roller coaster incidents in recent memory, when a carriage filled with 16 people crashed into the back of an empty carriage on the ‘Smiler’ ride.

After the news broke, shares in Merlin Entertainments PLC, Alton Towers’ (among other tourist attractions) parent company, significantly dropped from 458.80 to 439.00.

However, it wasn’t until nearly an hour (3pm) after the incident occurred that major news sites were picking up the story – yet it was mentioned on social media almost immediately (just after 2pm):

In investment terms, an hour can be a lifetime. Astute traders know what stories can potentially affect stocks in the companies they follow and they need to act as quickly as possible to ensure they stay on top.

More importantly to note, it wasn’t until the major news sites started reporting the incident that the shares in Merlin Entertainments dropped; they had been fairly steady that day, up until 3pm. Had an investor with shares in Merlin Entertainments been made aware of the situation as it broke (i.e. social media), they would have had an edge over those who waited for the major news sources to report anything. was setup specifically with this in mind: utilising Digital Contact's proprietary big data analytics engine, we wanted to ensure that traders were receiving faster financial news, by gathering information from millions of sources every second, delivers real-time news as it breaks about any industry, company or topic users wish to focus their trades on.

The caveat, however, is that online rumours and ‘chatter’ should not be the basis of all investments made. Long term strategies are still a smart way to trade, but the rise of online rumour-mongering will effect stocks more and more, so it’s a good idea to keep one eye on those online whispers.

At Digital Contact we have been tailoring our engine to specialise in real-time big data analytics, so we can monitor breaking news such as the Alton Towers event. The benefit to different industries can be substantial - as demonstrated in the financial industry, news such as this affects stocks and shares in companies.

But on a larger scale, monitoring social and community channels can help people, companies and even governments monitor and react to situations, such as major incidents like earthquakes on the other side of the world, to public sector issues, such as: political discussions, transportation incidents, extreme weather, serious accident & emergency situations and terror threats.

With rapid, global communication between people being so easy and free these days - whatever sector you operate in, real-time big data analytics and social monitoring can help deliver news and insights faster than before.

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