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+44 (0)330 313 1000 spots Marc Bolland's resignation before the markets react

News of Marks & Spencer's CEO, Marc Bolland, leaving the company was a hot topic in the financial industry this morning (Thursday Jan 7, 2016). The announcement came as the company revealed poor figures for its Christmas 2015 trading period, with like-for-like sales at its general merchandise (GM) division down 5.8%.

Leading M&S since 2010, Bolland has come under sustained pressure over a decline in fashion sales, leading to management shake-ups, high-profile celebrity ad campaigns, plus billions spent on product redesigns, stores, supply chain logistics and the website. 

So it is with little surprise to many that Marc Bolland announcement his retirement from M&S and when the markets opened this morning, the news of his departure sent shares in M&S up by 10 points. users alerted to the news

While shares in the company jumped, it wasn't until after the markets opened that the majority of major news sources began reporting the news.

Utilising the power of Digital Contact's big data analytics engine, the financial platform,, alerted its users to the news within minutes after the initial reports began surfacing, just after 7:00 am.

Displaying data from news channels, social media and financial sources, was able to display key points of information, which alerted traders to the fact that Marc Bolland was stepping down as Marks & Spencer's CEO.

How alerted traders

Using proprietary algorithms and unique to Digital Contact's products range,'s Social Pulse Score (pictured right, highlighted in orange) alerted users to the fact that a higher-than-normal amount of social chatter was happening around Marks & Spencer's.

The Hot Topics word cloud (pictured right, highlighted in blue) produced several key words and most talked about topics, giving an instant view of what is being said, such as: "Bolland", "Step", "Down" and "CEO".

And the Volumentric chart (showcasing the live, minute-by-minute, volume of conversation - below) was able to show users an active graph of the news as it unfolded and when the markets opened at 8:00am. 

But traders had to act quickly. By 8:47 traders could see that, as the volume of conversation peaked, so did the price, before dipping back down and finally returning to a 'normal' state by 10:00am.

And that's what users of were able to do. While still in its Open Beta phase, traders using the platform were able to see these deep insights before major media outlets report them and the markets have a chance to react.

Interested in seeing what insights you can find? Try today - it's free and you don't even need to register!

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