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by Graham Cookson
in Company culture
on 05 May 2014

Moving to the Riverside

After six months of calling The Base our home, Digital Contact has moved over to Rochester, setting up camp for the foreseeable future.

But why the move? Well, while we liked The Base and it was a great place to house the company when it first started, it just wasn’t suitable for our needs anymore.

One of the most obvious things, especially in the last few weeks of being there, the space in The Base was just too small for our growing team.

Back in November 2013, when the permanent staff consisted of just three people (Our co-founders, Gareth and Leif, and our Operations Manager, Katy), The Base seemed like a mansion, with plenty of space that we would never outgrow… that is until April 2014, when our numbers tripled and the office had to hold nine members of staff on a daily basis, plus room for a few part-time team members.

While nine employees may not sound like a lot, by the time we left our ‘start-up incubator’, we were the biggest company in The Base.

We did have the option for renting multiple rooms, which we took advantage of for our meeting/break-out room, but it wasn’t a viable option for expanding the company; it would have been too expensive and, because of our work environment, we wanted to all be in one office.

One other issue we came across was our Internet… to be frank it was pretty rubbish at The Base, with the connection becoming frustratingly slow and even dropping out. Considering we are a tech-based company, dealing with Internet data, having a reliable connection is pretty much vital to the success of Digital Contact!

Despite our two spaces at The Base feeling small, we seemed to amass a large quantity of tech, stationary, food, drinks and all the other office-type things we take for granted. But what looked like it would be a big move, ended up taking just one evening, with almost no break from our standard working hours – thanks to the brilliant help from everyone in the team.

Situated right by the River Medway, our new location is a real milestone for the company. The setting is much more picturesque than our previous office, and while it's a little bare on the inside at the moment, we have room to grow and the ability to really put the unique Digital Contact stamp on the place.

Rather than having a couple of small rooms in a large office block, we now have our own building covering two floors, with a large space that can comfortably fit our permanent staff, plus a big break-out room, separate meeting room, plenty of storage space and (most importantly) our very own kitchen!

Plus, we now have fantastic, reliable Internet access, which (touch wood) is yet to suddenly slow down or drop out on us.

It’s only been a week or so since the move and while we are still sorting the logistics and a few bits and pieces out, the new office already feels like home. It’s just great that we now have a bigger, better place to call our own.

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