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by Graham Cookson
in Apple Inc , HSBC , Finance , Stocks ,
on 14 July 2015

HSBCs mistaken tweet gave investors the edge on Apple

Using Digital Contact's big data analytics engine, the financial news platform,, was able to pick up an important snippet of information that could have given savvy investors an edge when trading on Apple stocks this morning.

Today Apple Pay (finally) launched in the UK. But it wasn't something that was necessarily expected by everyone, unlike most of Apple's products and services, there had previously been no set-in-stone, confirmed release date to watch out for.

But for anyone watching HSBC's Twitter feed, they would have seen a nugget of information pertaining to Apple Pay's UK release date, when, on Sunday July 12th, the banking firm 'accidentally' let slip: "Yes! It's due to launch this Tuesday!"

The tweet has since been deleted, signalling that HSBC realised that they had made a social faux pas, but for any traders switched on to the fact that Apple was due to launch its service soon, it was too late.

Gareth Mann, CEO of Data analytics provider Digital Contact said: “Even the smallest slip of the tongue on social media can affect the markets and HSBC’s blunder on Sunday was a great example. Our data tracker, which crunches millions of data points a second, showed a huge spike in noise around Apple just after 9pm on Sunday 12th July. Those that were aware of the noise, which happened to be an accidental announcement that Apple Pay was due on Tuesday 14th, were well placed to make a call on the markets.


Screenshot of Apple's stock price and volume of social mentions charts from

"Apple opened on Monday at $121.59, up from its $120.09 close and since then has risen to over $125. This is just another proof point that serious investors need to be monitoring the millions of social channel in real time if they want to stay ahead of the curve”. monitors financial information from millions of sources, including social media sites, and the platform was able to pick up the social chatter around Apple on the Sunday - allowing traders to the opportunity to make a call on the markets.

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