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Digital Contact goes to Parliament to talk about financial technology and the digital economy

On Tuesday, January 13, 2016, Digital Contact’s CEO and co-founder, Gareth Mann, was invited to Parliament to appear as a ‘witness’ at the Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) Select Committees' inquiry into the Digital Economy.

Responding to a series of questions from MPs, Gareth Mann joined a small panel in explaining the complementary role digital technology has to play in the financial services and business sectors.

Digital Contact’s financial platform,, helps businesses and traders make faster and better decisions by transforming real-time big data surrounding them, such as: social media posts; news articles; blog posts and other public sources, into actionable insights.

Through the panel of experts, the Committee learned of the ever-evolving nature of technology in the financial industry and what companies, such as Digital Contact, are doing to make these advancements and skills required to do so.

Click to watch the full inquiry.

Questions asked by the committee included, the topic of regulations around the use of big data, in particular consumers’ data, the idea of “disruptors” within the industry and whether they force big changes or if it’s more of a natural progression.

The committee also asked about issues and barriers smaller technology and financial businesses face when it comes to launching their product/company to market.

Also raised was the question of perceived sexism in the technology and financial industries and whether the panellists had issues with hiring women to their companies.

Following the Committee’s hearing, Kelly Tolhurst MP, welcomed Digital Contact to the House of Commons. Kelly said: “Having Gareth and Digital Contact here today to give evidence to the BIS Select Committee shows the quality and importance of businesses we have across Medway.

“There is a significant level of exciting and innovative activity across the science and technology sector occurring within our local economy and I have a deep sense of pride in seeing how it is helping to drive forward national standards and processes.”

Click the link for more information on the Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committees' inquiry into the Digital Economy.

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