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How users saw Merlin plead guilty to health and safety breaches before stock tumbled

It has been a turbulent year for Merlin Entertainment ever since, back on June 2, 2015, Alton Towers (one of Merlin’s top tourist attractions) saw one of the worst roller coaster incidents in recent memory, when a carriage filled with 16 people crashed into the back of an empty carriage on the ‘Smiler’ ride. Almost a year later and Alton Towers is back in the news. We take a look at how was able to pick up news of Merlin Entertainment's health and safety breach before news sources and stock in the company began to drop. Read on catches Mercedes’ parent company's emissions investigation hours before major news sources alerted users to the news of Mercedes-Benz' owner, Daimler, opening an internal investigation into emissions. Early morning Friday April 22, 2016 (UK & Europe time), it emerged that Daimler, the parent company of the Mercedes-Benz marque, said that it is conducting an internal investigation of its certification process for diesel exhaust emissions in the United States, at the request of the Justice Department.’s Pulse measurement originally alerted users to an unusual amount of activity around Daimler at 12:30am (CEST). The platform also monitored for more shifts in activity and alerted users throughout the morning to the shifts in the Pulse measurement. Read on

‘Boris effect’ failing as negativity towards Brexit rises SINCE he emerged as 'Out Campaign' leader

The odds on Britain remaining in the EU have risen since Boris Johnson emerged as leader of the ‘out’ campaign, according to The high-tech data platform has tracked around one million online conversations this year on Brexit and can reveal that negative feeling towards the UK leaving Europe has actually increased since the London Mayor’s shock announcement on February 21. Read on

Digital Contact goes to Parliament to talk about financial technology and the digital economy

On Tuesday, January 13, 2016, Digital Contact’s CEO and co-founder, Gareth Mann, was invited to Parliament to appear as a ‘witness’ at the Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committees inquiry into the Digital Economy. Read on spots Marc Bolland's resignation before the markets react

When Marks & Spencer's CEO, Marc Bolland, resigned his post, it didn't come as a shock to many. The markets were quick to react, with shares in M&S jumping upon open. However news outlets were slower, with many reporting the announcement after the markets opened. But what if you could have seen the news long before the markets could react and major media outlets reported it? We show how did just that for its users. Read on alerts users to Howard Stern's five year deal with SiriusXM before major media outlets

When Howard Stern renewed his contract with SiriusXM, the company's stock bounced back from a drop earlier in the month. But it wasn't until hours after the announcement that the majority of media outlets began reporting the news and it was too late for many to make their move. But what if you could have seen the news hours before the majority of the market had a chance to react? We show you how you could have been one of the first to see the news, with Read on

by Graham Cookson
in Big Data , Hadoop , , Finance , Stocks
on 04 December 2015

Beginner’s guide to the stock market: part 1 markets vs exchanges

In this series of blog posts, we hope to be able to break down the barrier of uncertainty that many people have and explain more about how stock markets work; so that anyone, especially people interested in taking their first steps into the world of trading will be able to understand the basics. Read on

by Gareth Brown , Graham Cookson
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on 14 October 2015

A look back at the AB InBev and SABMiller takeover indicates advanced trading opportunities

On Tuesday October 13, 2015, it was announced that Anheuser-Busch (AB) InBev’s (producers of Budweiser, Stella Artois and Corona) offer to takeover SABMiller had been accepted (in principal), for £70billion (£44 per share). We take a look back from announcement to agreement to show what oppotunities could have been spotted and acted on by an equities trader using Read on

by Graham Cookson
in Big Data , Stocks
on 30 July 2015

Traders clean up as Tesco drops Ribena and its share prices

Three days ago it was revealed that Tesco is planning to ban sugary drinks. Since the announcement, shares in Tesco saw a dramatic drop, losing 8p on a share within the first day. But what if you could have been alerted to the news, before the share prices had dropped? Read on

by Graham Cookson
in Apple Inc , HSBC , Finance , Stocks ,
on 14 July 2015

HSBCs mistaken tweet gave investors the edge on Apple

Today Apple Pay (finally) launched in the UK. But it wasn't something that was necessarily expected by everyone, unlike most of Apple's products and services, there had previously been no set-in-stone, confirmed release date to watch out for. Read on