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2016 Presidential race: are outside influences engaging the public more than the candidates themselves?

What's keeping people engaged with the 2016 Presidential race between debates? As we continue our coverage of the 2016 Presidential race, we thought we’d take a step back and look at what’s been happening on social media for the candidates between debates and what it is they are doing to gain so much traction. Could it be something more than their charisma and wit? Read on

Which three Presidential candidates are dominating the talk on social media?

Continuing our coverage of the 2016 US Presidential election race, we want to take a step back and see how the official candidates are doing for both the Democrats and Republicans on social media, based on the 218 million related social messages we’ve processed over the last month. Things seem obvious at first, but a closer look at the data reveals a more interesting picture... Read on

Deeper insights into the Republican primary debates

Following on from our blog post last week, where we shared some of the insights we gleaned from the first live TV debate in the US Republican Primaries, we have decided to delve a bit deeper into some of our findings. To help understand some of our results, we had a look at the words most associated with each candidate from the prime-time debate - it being the most watched (supposedly nearly 24 million strong viewership) and receiving the highest amount of social media engagement. Read on

Republican primary debates: how well did the candidates fare on social media?

Last night saw the first live television debates between the running candidates for the US Republican Party and our big data analytics system has been crunching the numbers and we can now reveal some of the high-level pieces of information we gleamed from the nights’ events. Read on