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+44 (0)330 313 1000 catches Mercedes’ parent company's emissions investigation hours before major news sources alerted users to the news of Mercedes-Benz' owner, Daimler, opening an internal investigation into emissions. Early morning Friday April 22, 2016 (UK & Europe time), it emerged that Daimler, the parent company of the Mercedes-Benz marque, said that it is conducting an internal investigation of its certification process for diesel exhaust emissions in the United States, at the request of the Justice Department.’s Pulse measurement originally alerted users to an unusual amount of activity around Daimler at 12:30am (CEST). The platform also monitored for more shifts in activity and alerted users throughout the morning to the shifts in the Pulse measurement. Read on

by Graham Cookson
in Big Data , Hadoop , VW , Volkswagen , EPA , Emissions , Cheating , Scandal
on 23 October 2015 picks up VW emissions scandal before major media outlets

When the EPA announced that Volkswagen (VW) Group had cheated emissions tests in America, it came as a shock to all, with VW Group's share prices dropping dramatically as the full extent of test cheating was revealed. However, what if you could have seen the scandal unfold before the majority of people found out about it? Read on