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by Gemma Stannard
in Big Data
on 09 January 2015

9 amazing ways big data influences our everyday lives

Over the last few years more and more companies have started utilising big data to gain the edge over their competitors in business and benefit their customers directly. For individuals, the influences of big data are far reaching, but the technology is so subtle that often consumers have no idea that big data is actually helping make their lives easier. Here’s a look at just some of the ways big data affects you every day without you even knowing! Read on

by Gemma Stannard
on 03 December 2014

Digital Contact's big data glossary

In the ever increasing world of technology and big data it is becoming more important to know and understand the words that big data companies are using every day. Using our own knowledge of traditional big data terms and double-checking those used by some of biggest contributors to big data in recent years, we bring you our very own ‘Big data glossary’ – an A to Z of commonly used big data terminology. Read on