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General Election Update for June 2nd

The battle for number 10 continues and as it does the poll gap inches closer and closer. Will Conservative candidate Craig Mackinlay’s 2015 Election fraud scandal, revealed today, have a further impact on this?

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Race to Number 10 - Party Leader Mentions by day

2017 2015 Leader mention comparison

Conservative Party News

Conservative Party - Key Phrase Mentions

Conservative Party Mentions by Key Phrase

Top Headlines

  1. Tories under pressure to clarify ‘ludicrous’ immigration policy
  2. British PM May could axe Hammond as finance minister, appoint Rudd: Telegraph report, Europe News & Top Stories
  3. Manufacturing data beat no comfort for sterling as election weighs
  4. UK will still press White House over climate change, says Boris Johnson
  5. Tory candidate Craig Mackinlay charged over election expenses

Top Tweets

  1. Tonight's the final "debate" of the #GE2017 campaign, but @Theresa_May & I will be on #BBCQT separately because she… - Tweet from Jeremy Corbyn (@jeremycorbyn )
  2. 7 weeks ago, Jeremy Corbyn told Theresa May he was worried about the 20,000 cut in the number of police. #BBCqt - Tweet from Tory Fibs (Eoin) (@ToryFibs )
  3. Deleted now, stay classy @Conservatives - Tweet from Glenn Kitson (@Glenn_Kitson )
  4. For the fact-shy, debate-shy, fake news, Trump-asslicking Tories in my timeline: here's Labour's "magic money tree" - Tweet from Paul Mason (@paulmasonnews )
  5. Tory candidate Craig MacKinlay and two others charged for #toryelectionfraud  Remember this is what May said - Tweet from Devutopia (@D_Raval )
  6. .@Theresa_May says no deal is better than a bad deal. Let’s be clear: "no deal" is in fact a bad deal. - Tweet from Jeremy Corbyn (@jeremycorbyn )
  7. Now that Craig MacKinlay has been charged it's worth listening to what Theresa May had to say about the Tory… - Tweet from Peter Stefanovic (@PeterStefanovi2 )
  8. BBC Editor asks writer Jake Painter of protest song, 'Liar, Liar' "not to go too heavy on the Tories", before going… - Tweet from Fraggment (@AshBeechey )
  9. As Craig Mackinlay is charged over #ToryElectionFraud, good time to remind you Tory manifesto calls for Serious Fra… - Tweet from Joel Benjamin (@Gian_TCatt )
  10. Donald Trump has shown he's a clear and present threaten to the long term survival of humanity - and Theresa May is his stooge. Horrific. - Tweet from Owen Jones (@OwenJones84 )


Labour Party News

Labour Party - Key Phrase Mentions

Labour Party Mentions by Key Phrase

Top Headlines

  1. Labour would try to form minority government after election – Emily Thornberry
  2. Rail fares cap will save commuters more than £1,000 over five years, says Labour
  3. Conservatives ‘raise 11 times more than Labour’ in third week donations
  4. May, Corbyn clash over Brexit plans with UK vote a week away
  5. Lib Dems' anti-Brexit message fails to rally British voters

Top Tweets

  1. "Labour means more debt and higher taxes" says party that's increased debt to 86% of GDP and refused to rule out ta… - Tweet from David Schneider (@davidschneider )
  2. 7 weeks ago, Jeremy Corbyn told Theresa May he was worried about the 20,000 cut in the number of police. #BBCqt - Tweet from Tory Fibs (Eoin) (@ToryFibs )
  3. Watch:  @akalamusic breaks it down. Jeremy Corbyn scares the hell out of the establishment media . #BBCTw #GE2017 - Tweet from EL4C (@EL4JC )
  4. voting labour - Tweet from tom (@thedevilandtom )
  5. READ THIS.  It's not Leave or Remain. It's the LAW.  Brexit STINKS. RT if you you think we need a #BrexitInquiry… - Tweet from Carole Cadwalladr (@carolecadwalla )
  6. Bernie Sanders explains why the age we now live in is crying out for a Jeremy Corbyn. Wisdom. Wisdom. Wisdom. - Tweet from Tory Fibs (Eoin) (@ToryFibs )
  7. Round 3: @BarryGardiner - Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee... #BBCQT #GE2017 - Tweet from EL4C (@EL4JC )
  8. This quite brilliant Facebook comment about Jeremy Corbyn is going viral. - Tweet from Rachael (@Rachael_Swindon )
  9. Labour hits 40% on IPSOS Mori. But let's not get carried with polls this time. Speak to your friends, your workmate… - Tweet from Owen Jones (@OwenJones84 )
  10. Doesn't dare debate Corbyn. Doesn't dare speak out on Trump. Doesn't dare do Woman's Hour or regional radio. Doesn't dare meet real people. - Tweet from Richard Burgon (@RichardBurgon )

Liberal Democrats News

Liberal Democrats - Key Phrase Mentions

Liberal Democrats Mentions by Key Phrase

Top Headlines

  1. Lib Dems' anti-Brexit message fails to rally British voters
  2. Brexit could lead to 26,500 workers leaving NHS, Liberal Democrats warn
  3. Nick Clegg willing to ‘share expertise’ during Brexit negotiations
  4. No better EU deal than being a full member - Tim Farron
  5. Tim Farron: I want to legalise cannabis - but my children cannot use it

Top Tweets

  1. Brexit secretary David Davis repeatedly FAILED to answer this key Brexit question, asked here by @nick_clegg.… - Tweet from Liberal Democrats (@LibDems )
  2. Barry Gardiner's right, Nick Clegg is right, Angus Robertson is right... Brexit is absolutely wrong. - Tweet from Joe Pajak 🇪🇺❄️ (@JoePajak )
  3. I was a Conservative candidate. May’s Brexit strategy has made me join the Lib Dems #VoteLibDem - Tweet from Liberal Democrats (@LibDems )
  4. Andrew Neil totally destroys Tim Farron - Tweet from David Jones (@DavidJo52951945 )
  5. Vince Cable pitches Lib Dems as ‘real party of business’ after Tory and Labour push for hard Brexit - Tweet from Lib Dem Press Office (@LibDemPress )
  6. Today at 2.30pm @timfarron will be answering your questions on Twitter. Submit a question now using #AskTim. - Tweet from Liberal Democrats (@LibDems )
  7. Lib Dems have created this fake easte agents website. Innovative attack ad. - Tweet from Ben Riley-Smith (@benrileysmith )
  8. Thanks to @itvnews; 10 things we learned about Lib Dem leader Tim Farron in ITV News Facebook Live - Tweet from Tim Farron (@timfarron )
  9. Tim Farron claims there is 'no chance' of better EU deal after Brexit in fiery TV interview - Tweet from BritainStays (@BritainStays )
  10. Lib Dems launch Theresa May and Co estate agents outside Conservative HQ in protest against #DementiaTax - Tweet from Lib Dem Press Office (@LibDemPress )

Scottish National Party News

Scottish National Party - Key Phrase Mentions

Scottish National Party Mentions by Key Phrase

Top Headlines

  1. Sturgeon faces First Minister’s Questions as election campaign enters final week
  2. Jeremy Corbyn leaves door open for potential deal with SNP
  3. Scotland's Sturgeon says no longer certain Conservatives will increase majority
  4. Nicola Sturgeon: Scotland could hold 'pivotal position' in election
  5. Nicola Sturgeon: Scots have chance to hold Tories ‘in check’ - The Scotsman

Top Tweets

  1. Well done @AngusRobertson on taking on the anti-immigrant rant at #Bbcqt #SNP #GetTheToriesOut - Tweet from Aamer Anwar (@AamerAnwar )
  2. Barry Gardiner's right, Nick Clegg is right, Angus Robertson is right... Brexit is absolutely wrong. - Tweet from Joe Pajak 🇪🇺❄️ (@JoePajak )
  3. Corbyn has admitted Labour would look to do a deal with the SNP to gain power – which would put Brexit and our econ… - Tweet from Conservatives (@Conservatives )
  4. Watch out Proclaimers! @MhairiBlack giving me a guitar lesson. #GE2017 #VoteSNP - Tweet from Nicola Sturgeon (@NicolaSturgeon )
  5. Well,well,well. And according to Tory manifesto, they are going to abolish the Serious Fraud Office.… - Tweet from Roger Mullin (@RogMull )
  6. Nice moment on the campaign trail yesterday - English junior doctor told @NicolaSturgeon he's voting SNP because of… - Tweet from Tom French (@tomfrench85 )
  7. Don’t risk Corbyn, the SNP and a #CoalitionOfChaos in charge of our country and Brexit. Vote Conservative on 8th Ju… - Tweet from Conservatives (@Conservatives )
  8. 🎥 @Theresa_May may not have turned up for the TV debates, but @NicolaSturgeon did. Watch some of the highlights her… - Tweet from The SNP (@theSNP )
  9. Brilliant and unanswerable line from @AngusRobertson here - Tweet from David Clegg (@davieclegg )
  10. .@AngusRobertson says that a 'bad Brexit deal'is one that doesn't take into account the different views of devolved… - Tweet from BBC Question Time (@bbcquestiontime )


UK Independence Party News

UK Independence Party - Key Phrase Mentions

UK Independence Party Mentions by Key Phrase

Top Headlines

  1. Election 2017: Coalition of 80 charities unite to pressure party leaders over disability benefit cuts
  2. Nigel Farage said to be ‘person of interest’ in FBI’s Russia investigation for closeness to Trump, Bannon
  3. UKIP to bring USA-style campaigning to Dudley
  4. Paris climate deal: UKIP backs US rejection of treaty
  5. Just when you thought the neat left-right divide was over, two-party politics is back

Top Tweets

  1. .@Nigel_Farage: "I've never been to Russia...never done business in Russia. I have literally no political connectio… - Tweet from Fox News (@FoxNews )
  2. Nigel Farage: "I will never ever EVER accept this as part of our way of life!" So should we ALL! (@sadiqkhan you t… - Tweet from Avanti Covfefe :) (@abermans )
  3. 🤣😂🤣😂 @Nigel_Farage response is PRICELESS!!! I love this guy! #RussiaRussiaRussia - Tweet from Heather ❤️🇺🇸 (@hrenee80 )
  4. RT Nigel Farage was cheated of the South Thanet seat at the 2015 election.Tory MP has been charged over expenses - Tweet from David Jones (@DavidJo52951945 )
  5. Thanet South is now a straight fight between UKIP and Labour. - Tweet from Nigel Farage (@Nigel_Farage )
  6. 100 % Fake News by the @guardian smearing me and @Nigel_Farage - Tweet from Roger Stone (@RogerJStoneJr )
  7. "I've never been to Russia...never done business in Russia. I have literally no political connections with Russia."… - Tweet from BRIAN FRASER (@bfraser747 )
  8. The six questions Nigel Farage won't answer on Trump and Russia - Tweet from Nick Cohen (@NickCohen4 )
  9. WATCH   @Nigel_Farage reaction to Conservative candidate Craig Mackinlay being charged over election expenses. - Tweet from LEAVE.EU 🇬🇧 (@LeaveEUOfficial )
  10. #HillaryClinton looks sad & pathetic. She's a bad loser and blames everyone else for her own failings @Nigel_Farage - Tweet from Deplorably💕Scottish (@ShennaFoxMusic )

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