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General Election Update for May 31st

Here at, we've been using our AI engine to keep track of all the latest news in the 2017 General Election. Our Live General Election tool can give you live updates on who's ahead in social media mentions and all the latest news as it happens.

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To make sure all our users are fully informed, we've also built a daily update on all the election news. This gives a deep dive into what's happened over the past 24 hours, making sure you never miss a key story around a party.

We're always looking for ways to improve our data - if you have something you would like to see, please let us know!

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Social Media Mentions by day

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Race to Number 10 - Party Leader Mentions by day

2017 2015 Leader mention comparison

Conservative Party News

Conservative Party - Key Phrase Mentions

Conservative Party Mentions by Key Phrase

Top Headlines

  1. Election day ahead: Amber Rudd up for debate as PM heads west
  2. Jeremy Corbyn to hammer Tories on schools and NHS
  3. New poll shows possible defeat for Theresa May
  4. Sturgeon warns of ’emboldened Tory government’ ahead of SNP manifesto launch
  5. FOREX-Sterling recovers after new poll shows Conservatives still leading

Top Tweets

  1. .@Theresa_May come & debate me. Any time. Any place. Britain deserves to see the only two people who could be the n… - Tweet from Jeremy Corbyn (@jeremycorbyn )
  2. The Tories have treated the public with contempt. Refusing to join me at #BBCdebate tonight would be another sign o… - Tweet from Jeremy Corbyn (@jeremycorbyn )
  3. Corbyn has announced he will be at the #BBCDebate tonight. RT if you think Theresa May owes the British public an o… - Tweet from NHS Million (@NHSMillion )
  4. Theresa May probably wants everybody to forget she said this less than a year ago: #GeneralElection - Tweet from Tom Pride (@ThomasPride )
  5. Absolute credit to BBC's Andrew Neil. He just demolished the entire Tory Tax Ideology in 2 minutes flat. - Tweet from Tory Fibs (Eoin) (@ToryFibs )
  6. 52% of OAPs will still lose their homes under the Tory Dementia Tax plans. This supposed U-Turn is a panicked sticking plaster on bad policy - Tweet from Tory Fibs (Eoin) (@ToryFibs )
  7. "I don't know what she's doing this evening... I invite her to debate": @jeremycorbyn invites @theresa_may to TV de… - Tweet from Sky News (@SkyNews )
  8. Just watch this!!! Watch it!!! Nails the Tories election campaign - Tweet from ARTIST TAXI DRIVER (@chunkymark )
  9. It's *so* annoying that *someone* called an election right when Theresa May was trying to concentrate on Brexit - Tweet from Claire Phipps (@Claire_Phipps )
  10. At tonight's #BBCdebate I'll set out our vision of a Britain #ForTheMany. Will @Theresa_May come & defend her recor… - Tweet from Jeremy Corbyn (@jeremycorbyn )

Labour Party News

Labour Party - Key Phrase Mentions

Labour Party Mentions by Key Phrase

Top Headlines

  1. Election day ahead: Amber Rudd up for debate as PM heads west
  2. Jeremy Corbyn to hammer Tories on schools and NHS
  3. Where is the environment, Green Party’s Caroline Lucas to ask Labour and Tories
  4. Jeremy Corbyn to take part in live TV debate despite May boycott
  5. 'How much will it cost?' UK Labour leader Corbyn fumbles childcare policy launch

Top Tweets

  1. Ouch! Every now & then someone plucks up the courage to stand up to our biased media. @BarryGardiner just did that - Tweet from Tory Fibs (Eoin) (@ToryFibs )
  2. Corbyn has announced he will be at the #BBCDebate tonight. RT if you think Theresa May owes the British public an o… - Tweet from NHS Million (@NHSMillion )
  3. Current YouGov poll has the Conservatives 16 short of a majority and Labour gaining - RT if you agree this isn't ov… - Tweet from NHS Million (@NHSMillion )
  4. "I don't know what she's doing this evening... I invite her to debate": @jeremycorbyn invites @theresa_may to TV de… - Tweet from Sky News (@SkyNews )
  5. Jeremy Corbyn eating a kebab with a roadman might just be the greatest ever picture taken of a politician - Tweet from 🇸🇴 (@mariamacfc )
  6. Absolutely destroyed 😂😂😂 @BarryGardiner is this election's MVP - Tweet from Bittah Conqueror (@JakeWiafe )
  7. Great news @jeremycorbyn 👏! Now will @theresa_may crawl out from where's she's hiding to debate? #BBCDebate - Tweet from Caroline Lucas (@CarolineLucas )
  8. Please retweet this if you think the BBC's coverage of Jeremy Corbyn is utterly disgraceful. - Tweet from Rachael (@Rachael_Swindon )
  9. Today's twitter poll: Which of the four most recent Labour leaders would make you most likely to vote Labour? (if none don't vote :) ) - Tweet from Martin Lewis (@MartinSLewis )
  10. Bah gawd, King! That's...that's Jeremy Corbyn's music! Corbyn wasn't scheduled to be here tonight! But he's in the… - Tweet from Angry Salmond (@AngrySalmond )

Liberal Democrats News

Liberal Democrats - Key Phrase Mentions

Liberal Democrats Mentions by Key Phrase

Top Headlines

  1. Lib Dems warn 'extreme' Brexit will damage NHS
  2. British Election: Anti-Brexit Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron on His Party's Comeback Fight
  3. General Election 2017: What would happen if we had a hung parliament?
  4. Sheffield Hallam Constituency Betting Odds - 2017 General Election
  5. ELECTION GUIDE: Oxford East could be a fierce battleground (From Oxford Mail)

Top Tweets

  1. Nick Clegg launching the Lib Dem poster attacking "regressive, unfair" decision to scrap school lunches - Tweet from Jessica Elgot (@jessicaelgot )
  2. .@TimFarron: We will stand up to a bad Brexit deal that would hit the NHS - Tweet from Lib Dem Press Office (@LibDemPress )
  3. .@NormanLamb: The Lib Dems would put a penny on income tax to raise £6bn a year for the NHS and care #r4today - Tweet from Lib Dem Press Office (@LibDemPress )
  4. Why should people who voted to remain in the EU vote for Labour instead of the Liberal Democrats? #BattleForNumber10 - Tweet from Sky News (@SkyNews )
  5. I'll keep up the @LibDems decades-long fight against Heathrow expansion if I am re-elected on 8th June - Tweet from Sarah Olney (@sarahjolney1 )
  6. I'm a lifelong Labour voter like my mum. We're both voting @LibDems this time. Corbyn siding with the Tories on… - Tweet from Graham Simpson (@grahambsi )
  7. Here we go 'kippers. A vote for anyone but Theresa May is a vote to lose Brexit to a coalition of Labour, the SNP a… - Tweet from Rich (@Rich_1337 )
  8. Former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg says Tory plans to scrap free lunches for infants would "hit the poorest". - Tweet from Channel 4 News (@Channel4News )
  9. Nick Clegg @LibDems warn that 'extreme' #Brexit will damage our NHS. - Tweet from Jane Brophy (@JaneBrophyLD )
  10. Interview with @RachelSJohnson on why she is backing Lib Dems and @georgenturner's campaign in Vauxhall - Tweet from Lib Dem Press Office (@LibDemPress )

Scottish National Party News

Scottish National Party - Key Phrase Mentions

Scottish National Party Mentions by Key Phrase

Top Headlines

  1. SNP election win in Scotland would reinforce mandate for indyref2: Nicola Sturgeon
  2. Sturgeon warns of ’emboldened Tory government’ ahead of SNP manifesto launch
  3. General Election 2017: Your guide to the Dundee East constituency - The Courier
  4. Reality Check: What is the Scottish National Party promising?
  5. Constituency profile, East Renfrewshire: Can Blair McDougall survive the challenge of the rookies? (From HeraldScotland)

Top Tweets

  1. Theresa May had a bad day at the office as she faced off against the real opposition at Westminster - the SNP. #PMQs - Tweet from The SNP (@theSNP )
  2. Beware: This is how Tories won last time. Lulled Lab voters into complacency and motivated Tories with SNP/Lab scare - Tweet from Billy Bragg (@billybragg )
  3. "You cannot trust this Prime Minister": @AngusRobertson grills @theresa_may about the triple lock guarantee on stat… - Tweet from Sky News (@SkyNews )
  4. Shameless, opportunistic cheap shot from @RuthDavidsonMSP. She knows exactly why @theSNP postponed the manifesto la… - Tweet from Gareth Quinn (@GarethBQuinn )
  5. 58% of Rangers fans in this large sample intend to vote SNP - I say make this GE in Scotland the #ScotRef for Indep… - Tweet from Neil Paterson (@neil1pat )
  6. Enjoying a fish supper in the sun with @StephenGethins - and some local school pupils - in Anstruther. #GE2017… - Tweet from Nicola Sturgeon (@NicolaSturgeon )
  7. Manifesto launch. Spot the Bannockburn "get outa town" lady. According to her in-laws she ain't SNP. No really she… - Tweet from Maureen Johnson (@Maureen56596209 )
  8. How do the main parties' proposals on health spending compare? SNP on top, followed by Labour & rest - Tweet from Ed Conway (@EdConwaySky )
  9. If you think my assessment of the SNP manifesto is scathing, here is what Channel 4's FactCheck had to say:… - Tweet from (((StephenDaisley))) (@JournoStephen )
  10. this puts @NicolaSturgeon's wishy-washy, lily-livered, half-hearted attempts at "condemning" abuse dished out by SN… - Tweet from Kevfefe (@kevverage )

UK Independence Party News

UK Independence Party - Key Phrase Mentions

UK Independence Party Mentions by Key Phrase

Top Headlines

  1. The rise of Tory attack ads on Facebook
  2. General election 2017: UKIP predicts election success
  3. EUROPP – Mapping the British public’s views ahead of the general election: How Labour could pick off the UKIP vote
  4. Margate councillor Peter Evans moves from Ukip to Conservative party in run up to election
  5. General Election 2017: read what the candidates have to say

Top Tweets

  1. The current scene at the UKIP Scotland manifesto launch. - Tweet from Jamie Ross (@JamieRoss7 )
  2. As it emerges that expat pensioners 'may cost NHS millions’ after Brexit, UKIP urges them to sod off back to where they came from. - Tweet from HaveIGotNewsForYou (@haveigotnews )
  3. Latest Times/YouGov poll has CON lead down to 4% Con 42 (-1) Lab 38 (+2) LD 9 (nc) UKIP 4 (nc) - Tweet from Mike Smithson (@MSmithsonPB )
  4. The UKIP Scotland chairman begins. "Good evening everyone," he says at 2.05pm. - Tweet from Jamie Ross (@JamieRoss7 )
  5. @realDonaldTrump @Nigel_Farage THANK YOU - Tweet from oregon4TRUMP (@shawgerald4 )
  6. The UK has voted LibLabCon for the last century & nothing has changed. You've had the rest now have the best, vote… - Tweet from David Jones (@DavidJo52951945 )
  7. Nigel Farage and the 'bad boys of Brexit' promise more "mischief, mayhem and guerilla warfare!" #GE2017 - Tweet from LEAVE.EU 🇬🇧 (@LeaveEUOfficial )
  8. Obviously everyone is having a lot of fun with this tweet, but don't forget that "covfefe" was in fact invented by… - Tweet from The Secret Barrister (@BarristerSecret )
  9. UKIP will fund the NHS to the tune of an additional £11 billion a year by 2021/22. #NHS #GE17 #GE2017 - Tweet from Duncan Odgers UKIP (@DuncanUKIPTandF )
  10. .@NeilUKIP: "If it hadn't been for UKIP we wouldn't have had a referendum & we wouldn't now be leaving the European… - Tweet from UKIP in the Senedd (@UKIPinWales )

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