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Digital Contact is a big data product company, creating easily consumable big data products and services for business-to-business and business-to-consumers.

Developed in-house and designed to be used across multiple sectors, Digital Contact’s proprietary big data analytics engine is able to scan any source – including news sites, blogs, social media and internal data – collate and refine the data, using our own proprietary algorithms, and then deliver it to the end-user, in real-time.

A substantial business benefit, companies can utilise this data to help establish a better relationship with customers, understand consumer needs, see the differing trends from around the world and help predict future trends in the markets.

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Digital Contact nominated in two categories for the 2016 SME Awards

Digital Contact receives two award nominations for the 2016 SME Awards, including Product of the Year for

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‘Boris effect’ failing as negativity towards Brexit rises SINCE he emerged as 'Out Campaign' leader

The odds on Britain remaining in the EU have risen since Boris Johnson emerged as leader of the ‘out’ campaign, according to The high-tech data platform has tracked around one million online conversations this year on Brexit and can reveal that negative feeling towards the UK leaving Europe has actually increased since the London Mayor’s shock announcement on February 21.

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Digital Contact goes to Parliament to talk about financial technology and the digital economy

On Tuesday, January 13, 2016, Digital Contact’s CEO and co-founder, Gareth Mann, was invited to Parliament to appear as a ‘witness’ at the Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committees inquiry into the Digital Economy.

From the Blog alerts users to Howard Stern's five year deal with SiriusXM before major media outlets

When Howard Stern renewed his contract with SiriusXM, the company's stock bounced back from a drop earlier in the month. But it wasn't until hours after the announcement that the majority of media outlets began reporting the news and it was too late for many to make their move. But what if you could have seen the news hours before the majority of the market had a chance to react? We show you how you could have been one of the first to see the news, with

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Beginner’s guide to the stock market: part 1 markets vs exchanges

In this series of blog posts, we hope to be able to break down the barrier of uncertainty that many people have and explain more about how stock markets work; so that anyone, especially people interested in taking their first steps into the world of trading will be able to understand the basics.

The Technology We Use...

Currently Processing
10 Gb of data per sec
500 social messages per second
1,600,000 web sources
2,000 prices from 8 exchanges
3,400,000 events, companies, people, places

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